Junkyard Jewel Power Bolt-Ons!
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Junkyard Jewel Power Bolt-Ons!

Season 1 Episode 14 00:14:41
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About Episode 14

In this episode of Engine Masters presented by AMSOIL and sponsored by Mr. Gasket and Earl’s Vapor Guard, we show you why the age-old concept of pulling a used engine from a running car and slapping some speed parts on itmight not always be the best idea. Our special guest engine is the Mopar 360 small-block V8 from Episodes 3 and 4 of Roadkill Garage, where we plucked it from a 1975 Dodge truck and slapped it into a 1970 Dodge Challenger. For this show, we set up the 360 with all-stock parts, ran it on the dyno for a baseline, and then added a bunch of speed parts. We gained 140 horsepower! That’s the good news. For the bad news…well, you’ll have to watch the episode to find out.