Junkyard Big-Block Samurai!

Season 7 Episode 78 00:38:35
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About Episode 78

A 440-powered Suzuki Samurai? Yup! This episode of Roadkill powered by Dodge features David Freiburger and guest host Steve Dulcich achieving a long-held Roadkill dream: building a car entirely out of a junkyard. The result is a ludicrous Suzuki Samurai tiptop powered by a 440 Chrysler big-block out of a B300 1-ton van. After stepping among scorpions, rattlesnakes, and junkyard dogs at Hidden Valley Auto Parts in Arizona, the guys actually get this abomination running and driving. But will it even do a burnout before the rear axle shatters like glass? Find out in this special all-junkyard episode.