How Oil Kills Power!
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How Oil Kills Power!

Season 3 Episode 32 00:19:57
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About Episode 32

On this episode of Engine Masters presented by AMSOIL, we explain how oil kills power—because it’s not about synthetic versus regular oil and not about a brand-to-brand comparison, but about windage and oil-pan design. We take a 700hp big-block Chevy and show you how too much oil can kill 20 hp, and you’ll also see gains when we go from a stock-design pan to a Milodon drag-racing oil pan. We are thankful for Engine Masters’ sponsors Permatex (for no oil leaks!), Auto Meter (to check oil pressure), Mr. Gasket (to keep the oil inside), Earls (for AN oil lines and more), and Summit Racing Equipment (where you can buy it all).