On Two Wheels

Honda MB5 Takes On the M1GP 24-Hour!

Season 2 Episode 19 15:36
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Look what we pulled out of the archives! It's an early episode of On Two Wheels featuring a baby faced Zack Court and Ari Henning (with dreads!) as they flog a hapless 49cc Honda MB5 around a go-kart track for 24 hours. Zack has gotten a bit shaggier while Ari has lost the dreads, but the boys still love them some minibike adventures. (The first episode of Ari and Zack's new show, Throttle Out, proves that). And you know what? Ari still has the MB5. On this episode of On Two Wheels, the Craigslist-bought 1982 Honda MB5 from Episode 16 is given a shot at glory as it's transformed from barely functional into a fully functional endurance racer! Ari, Zack, and Online Editor Kevin Hipp assemble a ragtag team of racers to ride the little Honda on the Willow Springs kart track for 24 hours straight as part of an M1GP "mini racing" event. Can the MB5 do it? Watch and find out!

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