Formula D 2017! Team Drift Challenge: 240SX S13 vs LS3 350Z


EP. 2 Season 1

On this episode of Modified powered by Honda, Matt Powers and Geoff Stoneback battle head-to-head in Atlanta, Georgia, in a team drift competition. Join them as they check out Formula Drift to see how the culture has grown and experience the event from a different perspective. Get ready for a fast, smoky, loud episode of Modified.

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Welcome to Modified powered by Honda, an all-new series focusing on the love of tuning cars. Hosts Matt Powers and Geoff Stoneback head to hotbeds of the tuner market with a challenge—to find the hottest modified car in the city! Whether it’s walking the pits at a local motorsports event, touring the garages of legendary tuners and builders in the scene, or hanging out with some of the most influential and trendsetting car clubs, Matt and Geoff will both drive away with their favorite cars, then face off in a final head-to-head battle to determine the winner. Join the hunt for the world's hottest tuner cars!
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