First Pass in a 9-Second Dragster!

Hot Rod Unlimited

EP. 9 Season 3

On this episode of HOT ROD Unlimited, our resident scaredy-cat Elana Scherr faces her fears and gets behind the wheel of a 9-second dragster at zMax Dragway in North Carolina during a day at the Doug Foley Experience. Along with instruction from Doug Foley himself, Top Fuel and Funny Car drivers Brittany and Courtney Force are on hand to help encourage Elana to put the pedal down. Will she floor it or wreck it? Ride along and find out.

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HOT ROD Unlimited is the show where anything goes in the world of American performance cars. Buckle in as we push the limits and crush, thrash, dyno, drag race and wrench on the hottest street machines and wildest project cars around.
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