Fire-Shooting Custom Wheelchairs!
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Fire-Shooting Custom Wheelchairs!

Season 7 Episode 128 00:07:42
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About Episode 128

The participants at the Roadkill Zip-Tie Drags weren’t just cars. Lance Greathouse, of Greathouse Labs in Phoenix, AZ brought out his team of engineers and designers and a whole fleet of customized, fire-spitting wheelchairs. Greathouse began designing mobility machinery when his brother, Brent, was diagnosed with Parkinsons. “I wanted him to have a cool chair, to be not disabled, but a superman,” Greathouse tells Elana Scherr as he demonstrates some of the lab’s fiery handiwork. Greathouse runs a charity to assist people with repairing and customizing wheelchairs along with building wild robots and flame-throwing sculpture.