Farm Find ’71 Satellite Rescue!
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Farm Find ’71 Satellite Rescue!

Season 4 Episode 41 00:26:43
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About Episode 41

When one project fails, fix another! That’s the motto on this episode of Roadkill Garage as David Freiburger and Steve Dulcich have fun with a project vehicle smorgasbord. First the guys set out to make the Cadillac 500–powered ’74 Gremlin faster at the track. Unfortunately for the Caddy Gremi, it spun a bearing after some epic burnouts. But on the farm, one car’s misfortune is another’s chance at a revival as the guys decide to rescue Dulcich’s ’71 Plymouth Satellite powered by a 383 big-block. With a little bit of work and some inspiration from burnouts in the ’75 blown small-block BJ-5 Jeep, the guys get it running and test it in the “Two-Pole” against Freiburger’s ’71 Road Runner.