Engine Masters meets the Roadkill Rotsun Turbo 5.0!

Engine Masters

EP. 23 Season 2

This episode of Engine Masters presented by AMSOIL we take the Roadkill Rotsun and find out how much power that bone stock turbo charged 1987 5.0L Mustang engine really makes. With a science experiment of a rig, get ready to be shocked! The numbers don’t lie. Engine Masters is supported by Autometer, Mr. Gasket, Earl’s Vapor Guard, and Permatex!

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Engine Masters, presented by AMSOIL, is an all-new show featuring parts testing and engine-to-engine shootouts. Developed from the popular Engine Masters Challenge – a dyno shootout event also presented by AMSOIL – Engine Masters is hosted by David Freiburger of Roadkill, Steve Dulcich of Engine Masters magazine, and Steve Brule of Westech Performance Group.
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