Delectable Derelicts: Exploring Rarities at Turner’s Auto Wrecking
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Delectable Derelicts: Exploring Rarities at Turner’s Auto Wrecking

Season 2 Episode 2 00:23:54
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About Episode 2

Steve Magnante is back at Turner’s Auto Wrecking in Fresno, California, the spot where David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan performed their first-ever junkyard recovery mission when they revived and drove their 1950 GMC 100 truck, “Pig Pen,” out of the gates. It had sat dormant for 30 years. Now Mags unearths a “funny” Chevrolet compact, a what-if Mopar Hemi car, and a surprising pair of “independents” from Detroit. If you thought the Chevy 454 was America’s biggest V-8, or that Chrysler pioneered unitized construction, think again! As always, we’re on the hunt for the next Roadkill rescue, and this time Magnante discovers something with dirt track genes. Tech junkies rejoice as he schools us on engine cooling and the discovery of the largest driveline ring gear used during the supercar ’60s…is it a Mopar?  Find out in this episode of Roadkill’s Junkyard Gold!