Crusher Impala: More Tire Smoke!
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Crusher Impala: More Tire Smoke!

Season 2 Episode 24 00:29:06
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About Episode 24

The Crusher Impala is the 1969 Chevy built during Episode 60 of Roadkill (the one with Mighty Car Mods from Australia) and refined in Episode 65, where it ran 11.70s in the quarter-mile, did small wheelies, and outran the Rotsun. Problems? The blower was worn out and the brakes barely stopped. Also, after a summer out on the show circuit, some wiring was sketchy and the engine started to run super lean. In this installment of Roadkill Garage, all of those things get fixed—and the work turns into one of the most fun episodes ever, with plenty of tire smoke from stoppies and 100-yard burnouts. The Crusher Impala lives!