Crusher Camaro Retro Revival Begins!

Roadkill Garage

EP. 14 Season 2

The 1967 Chevy known as the Crusher Camaro has a long history at Hot Rod magazine as well as on Roadkill and Hot Rod Garage. Most recently, the car was transformed by Hot Rod Garage into a Pro Touring machine with supercharged LS power, but the fans spoke out: They wanted the car to return to retro! Starting with this episode of Roadkill Garage, that’s what’s gonna happen. The newest look for the Crusher is inspired by early-’70s NHRA Modified Production drag cars, and this first installment shows the transformation of a BluePrint Engines 400ci small-block Chevy into a tunnel-rammed, retro monster making about 560 hp! Best of all, this episode features 60 percent more fire. Stay tuned later in the season for future installments of the Crusher Camaro’s retro revival.

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Roadkill Garage is where David Freiburger and Steve Dulcich show you how to do the wrong thing the right way! Whether the guys are wrenching on project cars from the Roadkill show or creating their own moving violations, you'll always get info and action on Roadkill Garage.
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