Hot Rod Garage

Crown Hick, F100/Crown Victoria Cop Car Body Swap Gets Up and Running!

Season 5 Episode 50 25:01
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In this episode of HOT ROD Garage presented by Lincoln Tech, watch our hosts, Tony Angelo and Lucky Costa, finish the build of their new, ultimate shop truck: the Crown Hick! They took a minty 1966 Ford F100 truck body and laid it onto the frame and mechanicals of a 2007 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor that has some serious suspension and exhaust upgrades. Once the guys get it all bolted into place and integrate steering, brakes, and throttle, they apply a Holley EFI system and MSD transmission controller to make it all run! Once together, they take it out for a serious shakedown to show off all the modern performance that is now hiding under that 1966 F100!

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