Cooling Fan Shoot-Out!

Engine Masters

EP. 20 Season 2

Usually on this show, we are all about making more horsepower, but on this episode of Engine Masters presented by Amsoil, we are trying to kill horsepower! We bolt four different types of cooling fans onto our 350 small-block Chevy, all with different designs and material. Which one takes the most horsepower, and which one takes the least? Watch and find out!

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Engine Masters, presented by AMSOIL, is an all-new show featuring parts testing and engine-to-engine shootouts. Developed from the popular Engine Masters Challenge – a dyno shootout event also presented by AMSOIL – Engine Masters is hosted by David Freiburger of Roadkill, Steve Dulcich of Engine Masters magazine, and Steve Brule of Westech Performance Group.
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