Chevy 350 vs. Ford 351!
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Chevy 350 vs. Ford 351!

Season 3 Episode 31 00:16:08
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About Episode 31

This time on Engine Masters presented by AMSOIL, it’s a horsepower battle with the world’s most popular classic V-8s: the Chevy small-block versus the Ford Windsor. Using rebuilt short-blocks and parts packages from, the Engine Masters team built two engines as equally as possible, using a Chevy 350 and a Ford 351 with Holley carburetors, Edelbrock RPM Air Gap intakes, Air Flow Research 195 heads, Comp Cams hydraulic roller cams, and 13/4-inch-tube headers. Will one small-block make more power than the other based on inherent design superiority? The dyno is here to find out. Engine Masters is supported by Mr. Gasket, Earl’s Vapor Guard, Auto Meter, Summit Racing, and Permatex.