Cheap V-8 Turbo Build! LS-Turbo #Bonemaro!
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Cheap V-8 Turbo Build! LS-Turbo #Bonemaro!

Season 4 Episode 38 00:21:46
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About Episode 38

In this episode of Hot Rod Garage presented by Lincoln Tech, we take our low-buck drag project, #bonemaro, upgrade the engine for boost, and build a turbo system using the best ebay has to offer! Using a CX racing turbo kit designed for a truck, some parts from Craigslist, and a ton of elbow grease, Tony and Lucky work to get the Camaro boosted and ready for action. Once on the dyno, the #bonemaro makes over more than 500WHP 500 hp on mild boost, - more than enough to propel this thing to some wicked fast times on the track!