"Boon Duggy” Dune Bug Surprise!
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"Boon Duggy” Dune Bug Surprise!

Season 4 Episode 39 00:28:13
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About Episode 39

On this episode of Roadkill Garage, Steve Dulcich’s teenage dreams finally come true as David Freiburger surprises him with a new project: a 1965-ish VW Dune Buggy! The guys have mastered the American engine; now it’s time they take on something new, or at least new to them. The “Boon Duggy” has a German-engineered four-cylinder 1200 boxer engine boasting a furious 40 horsepower and a four-speed transaxle. There’s only one problem—it’s been sitting around for years and may not even run. Will the guys’ knowledge of V-8s translate to VWs, or will they figure out how to overheat an air-cooled engine? Watch as the guys have maximum fun with minimal car.