Automotive Cliff Diving!
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Automotive Cliff Diving!

Season 7 Episode 83 00:30:14
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About Episode 83

Ranking as one of the most ridiculous Roadkill episodes of all time—and yet still powered by Dodge—this is a tale of David Freiburger, Mike Finnegan, and Steve Dulcich taking a vacation to Alaska for the Fourth of July to visit the legendary celebration in the remote area of Glacier View where they throw cars off a cliff for the sheer hilarity of it. The guys buy a couple of really worthless cars, have some fun beating on them, and then toss them off a cliff only to realize that their hope of fixing them and driving them away were completely delusional. But the story ends with another fresh automotive discovery that may eventually find its way onto a future episode. This is gearhead fun that you gotta see.