Atomic LS7 Van Rear-Axle How-To and Drag Test!
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Atomic LS7 Van Rear-Axle How-To and Drag Test!

Season 2 Episode 22 00:17:28
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About Episode 22

On this episode of HOT ROD Garage presented by Lincoln Tech, we've been working on installing a 630-horsepower Lingenfelter LS7 in our 1973 Chevy Van, and in this episode we install the Moser 12 Bolt Chevy Rear End and show you how to order your own custom rear axle. We cover EVERY detail of the install so get ready for some serious tech in this episode. After the install, we take the MSD Atomic Surf Van to the drag strip and make a bunch of tire smoke and several passes down the track… so stay tuned to the end to find out the E.T’s.