Roadkill Garage

$760 Big-Block Engine Swap!

Season 3 Episode 31 24:56
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Roadkill Garage is often about doing things quick and low-buck, and this episode is an awesome example. David Freiburger and Steve Dulcich show you how to get big-block power for dirt cheap by selecting an engine outside the mainstream; this time, it’s a Buick 455 off of Craigslist. The initial plan was to toss it into Freiburger’s ’66 Buick convertible, but watch the episode and you'll see why that fell through. Instead—exhibiting no fear of crossbreeding—the guys put the big Buick into Roadkill Garage’s ’66 Malibu known as the Crew Cab Chevelle! The result is an affordable power increase that took just two and a half days and ended up with massive burnouts for distance.

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