598ci of Torque vs. Horsepower!
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598ci of Torque vs. Horsepower!

Season 3 Episode 36 00:22:38
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About Episode 36

Get ready for “no replacement for displacement” with a massive 598ci BluePrint Engines crate big-block Chevy! On this episode of Engine Masters presented by AMSOIL, we’re going to show you two completely different power combos, one for low-buck and massive street-ready low-end torque, and a second one for high-buck and high-rpm killer horsepower. Both of these setups proved super effective and we’d encourage you to duplicate them, but the episode also addresses the age-old questions about torque versus horsepower and how they are affected by parts selection and rpm—as well as how they might need to be set up in a car. And by the way, we LOVE this engine!