512 Cubic-Inch Stroker Sleeper Wagon! #Furyroadmaster
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Hot Rod Garage

512 Cubic-Inch Stroker Sleeper Wagon! #Furyroadmaster

Season 4 Episode 39 21:39
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About Episode 39

On this episode of HOT ROD Garage presented by Lincoln Tech, we set out to build a good old-fashioned sleeper! We found a very innocent-looking and long-forgotten 1965 Plymouth Fury III wagon and began to revive the old Mopar 400 big-block from Rollsmokey. Watch Tony and Lucky take that shaky, low-compression 400, strip it to the block, and rebuild it into a 512ci stroked beast! After the new 512 big-block gets stuffed into the #furyroadmaster, it’s time to hit the streets for some fun!

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