3-Day C10 Makeover: DIY Paint & More!
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3-Day C10 Makeover: DIY Paint & More!

Season 4 Episode 42 00:25:56
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About Episode 42

The ’67 Chevy C10 shortbed is back. Its storied past started in HOT ROD Garage and then multiple episodes of Roadkill and Roadkill Garage, but now it’s time to finally make it a clean and respectable daily driver. David Freiburger and Steve Dulcich take on the task of a DIY paint match on the bed, a five-lug conversion, interior upgrades, new wheels, and a new gas tank that doesn’t put rust into the fuel system. Watch and learn on this episode of Roadkill Garage, as the C10 transforms into something that’s probably way too nice for Freiburger, but not too nice to thrash on.