3,000hp Pro Mod Showdown!

Put Up or Shut Up

EP. 1 Season 1

Pro Mod racers Stevie “Fast” Jackson and “Tricky” Rickie Smith go heads-up for $10,000 on the premiere episode of Put Up or Shut Up! This new monthly show is exclusive to Motor Trend OnDemand and features an unlimited variety of match races set up by drag-racing announcer Brian Lohnes, who is seen on NHRA, NMRA/NMCA, and HOT ROD Drag Week broadcasts. He’s also the cohost of Motorhead Garage on Velocity and the editor-in-chief of Bangshift.com. For the first episode, Lohnes picked his favorite class of drag-racing door slammers: Pro Mod, in which teams can run supercharged, alcohol-burning engines or 900ci, nitrous-oxide–sniffing gasoline setups. He chose today's dominant loudmouth Stevie Fast and hall-of-famer Tricky Rickie for an episode that pits young versus old, blown versus nitrous, and automatic versus Lenco transmission against each other. Lohnes claimed the result was one of the strangest days in drag racing that he’s seen in 20 years, but the fun won’t stop in future episodes, as Put Up or Shut Up heads to dragstrips, off-road courses, road circuits, and beyond to show you some of the most interesting and unusual motorsports on earth as we compel racers to let it all hang out for a $10,000 prize.

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Strap in and hold on, as PUT UP OR SHUT UP pits the fastest cars and wildest drivers against each other. Bitter rivals and outspoken braggers push their machines to the limit in a tense battle for $10K cash! From high-octane drag racing to white-knuckle hill climbs, engines and egos go head to head to win it all. NHRA and Hot Rod Drag Week announcer Brian Lohnes hosts.
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