2019 McLaren 600LT vs. 2019 Porsche GT3 RS
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2019 McLaren 600LT vs. 2019 Porsche GT3 RS

Season 10 Episode 109 00:27:24
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About Episode 109

On this episode of Head 2 Head, Jethro Bovingdon and Jonny Lieberman go extreme—performance variants of performance variants. The boys already feel that the Porsche GT3 is one of the best sports cars ever made, and the GT3 RS takes things even further. Not to be outdone, the McLaren 600LT is nearly one-quarter modified compared to the 570S it sits on top of. The McLaren has more power and less weight than the Porsche—plus it shoots flames! Has the GT3 RS met its match, or can Porsche find a way? Watch and find out!