2016 McLaren 570S: Supercar Speed with Sports Car Fun
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2016 McLaren 570S: Supercar Speed with Sports Car Fun

Season 12 Episode 145 00:12:05
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About Episode 145

This new supercar costs just a fraction as much as the cars it sits next to on the McLaren showroom floor. With a sticker price of just $187,400, the 570S is nearly a hundred grand cheaper than the 650S, and it’s nearly as fast, too. The cost has come down by substituting aluminum body panels where carbon fiber was previously used, and conventional suspension in place of the 650S’s interconnected hydraulic lines. The basic bits remain: a full carbon-fiber tub and flat-plane-crank turbocharged V-8 that screams to over 8000 rpm. As the car’s name suggests, the 3.8-liter engine makes 570 metric horsepower (562 SAE hp), and a new equal-length exhaust gives this McLaren a whole new sound. On this episode of Ignition, presented by Tire Rack, Motor Trend Senior Editor Jason Cammisa and SCCA Hall of Fame inductee Randy Pobst test the McLaren on the road and on track to see just how much of a smile it puts on their faces.