2016 Lagonda Taraf by Aston Martin: Meet the World’s First Million Dollar Four-Door
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2016 Lagonda Taraf by Aston Martin: Meet the World’s First Million Dollar Four-Door

Season 13 Episode 150 00:10:58
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About Episode 150

Jonny Lieberman – “Favorite Episode? The one that immediately jumps to mind is the Lagonda Taraf by Aston Martin Ignition. Everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. The car showed up filthy—trying to buy car-cleaning products in Brighton, UK on a Sunday morning is a reality show waiting to happen. The assistant director didn’t know how to drive stick and the camera car was stick. Also, he’d never driven in England, and the cars are on the wrong side of the road. The tight, country roads have zero places to turn around, making the filming of a video a near impossibility. My personal theory is that the British government HATES cars and makes driving as miserable as possible. Oh, and I ran over my laptop with the Taraf, a million dollar car. That was an odd phone call back to Motor Trend HQ. However, I was blown away by the car itself. Much better than I anticipated. Since they’re only building 200 of them, a super special treat to boot. Plus, I was very happy—despite everything—with how the episode turned out. Additionally, we got to visit the Newport Pagnell Works factory, the birthplace of Aston Martin. Better still was the 1970s William Towns Lagonda they pulled out for us to examine. It’s one of my all time favorite vehicles. The highlight, which sadly didn’t make the video, was seeing the two English wheels that were used to hand form essentially every Aston Martin body panels up until the 2004 Vanquish. An amazing slice of automotive history, and something I’ll never forget. The lowlight of the trip, which also didn’t make the video, was the plate of “nachos” we ordered at a hotel next Heathrow. You cannot imagine how pitiful those “nachos” were. You just can’t.”