1966 LS Powered Chevelle Mini-Tub Install & Burnouts!
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1966 LS Powered Chevelle Mini-Tub Install & Burnouts!

Season 3 Episode 35 00:14:57
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About Episode 35

Lucky Costa – “I'm hard-pressed to pick a favorite. Working with David on the Msd Atomic Van in ep. 21 was a good time. Also, the trip to Colorado and building the Cummins powered Cadillac (bro-hammer) in the junkyard was a lot of fun, however that wasn't HRG. More recently I enjoyed building the Crownhick in ep. 49 especially after hours completing the job off camera and of course I was forced to drive it around for a week or so just to make sure everything was working. But, if I really had to pick, I'm guessing my favorite would be between ep. 44 the Fury Road master episode - taking a family station wagon and turning it into a fun driver, and episode 35 - mini tubbing my 66 Chevelle...... Yeah, ok, that's the one I'm going with, Ep 35. Hanging out with friends and working on my own car is pretty much the perfect way to spend the week. Yours Truly....... Lucky”