1,500HP Junkyard Short-Block! 
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1,500HP Junkyard Short-Block! 

Season 3 Episode 37 00:21:18
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About Episode 37

A junkyard Chevy LS engine with a turbo—it’s a dime-a-dozen concept these days, but how big can it go? To find out, Engine Masters went to the originator of the “Big Bang Theory” dyno test: Richard Holdener, who delivered the world a 1,200hp boosted 4.8L way back in 2011 in the pages of HOT ROD magazine. Holdener has brought many junkyard engines to a power-adder-assisted demise since then, and has found the connecting rods to be the weak spot. The Gen IV engines have better rods, so this time the victim is a 6.0L with a pair of BorgWarners on the way to 30 psi. Will it go or will it blow? Find out in jaw-dropping fashion on this episode of Engine Masters presented by AMSOIL.