’73 Petty Blue Road Runner, ’67 Ford Fairlane GT, ’57 Jeep FC, and More in Rural PA

Junkyard Gold

EP. 3 Season 1

On this episode of Junkyard Gold, we’re in coal country, northeastern Pennsylvania, tripping through a dormant boneyard packed with classic cars and trucks from the 1950s through 1970s. But is there “gold” amongst the clunkers? Let’s watch as host Steve Magnante unearths a rare heavy-duty, cab-forward Jeep, a classic 1958 Ford Courier sedan delivery two-door station wagon, a 1967 Ford Fairlane GTA muscle car, and a super-desirable Petty Blue 1973 Plymouth Road Runner 340 four-speed. It's all happening right now on Junkyard Gold!

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Classic car authority, Steve Magnante, pieces together the history, life, and death of automotive relics and rarities among junkyards across the nation. Dissect the bones of old machines, learn their history, check out restoration mock-ups, and meet the owners who run America’s greatest automotive junkyards. It doesn’t have to shine to be gold.
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